Phoenix Data Center

Phoenix, Arizona

NewCloud Phoenix Data Center

Tax-Friendly Business Environment and State-of-the-Art Data Centers

NewCloud’s Scottsdale Hub, conveniently located within a reasonable distance of the major metropolitan area of Phoenix as well as the local international airport, is one of the largest and most effective colocation data centers in Arizona. Arizona is fast becoming the new hub for large data centers in the United States, and for good reason. With access to a highly skilled workforce in Tuscon, Phoenix, and Flagstaff, there is an abundance of highly qualified trained professionals to help you maintain your data securely and efficiently.

In addition to the highly skilled workforce, Arizona is becoming a data center hotspot due to its low risk of natural disasters, relatively low cost of utilities, and incredible tax programs from the state government. In the state of Arizona, the qualified data center operators, owners, or tenants are exempt from state, county and local transaction Privilege Tax (otherwise known as TPT) as well as Use Tax (sales tax) for purchasing said data center equipment. Our IO.Phoenix Campus is a Certified Data Center pursuant to this AZ CDC bill.

8521 East Princess, Scottsdale, AZ  85225

NewCloud has an extensive network of colocation data centers across the globe, and the Scottsdale location is within the largest and most efficient colocation data centers in Arizona. The data center has an extremely efficient modular data center design, world-class security, and best available reliability. Working with NewCloud in Scottsdale you’ll have all the potential control and flexibility of creating and monitoring your business’s colocation data center, while we take care of the costs and maintenance of hosting the data center.

By choosing NewCloud’s Phoenix Cloud Hub, you’ll get the best available service, control over your data and network, prime location and accessibility, as well as support and available capacity as your company grows.



Operated by Iron Mountain

30 Acres of Space

Federal Grade Security



TPT Tax Exempt

Low Latency Connectivity to Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles

Far removed from Natural Disasters