NewCloud Networks Rolls out New Affordable Leasing Program


Denver Tech Center, CO April 13, 2011 –  NewCloud Networks®, global provider of cloud computing and cloud communications services, today announced the launch of a new array of equipment leasing options for its customers that guarantees complete flexibility in system financing options.

NewCloud Networks has more than 2,000 business cloud voice and data customers throughout the state, ranging in size from 5 employees to upwards of 5,000 workstations. As a NEC Double Diamond Partner, NewCloud Networks brings its customers the very latest in telephone and data hardware solutions and training from international leader NEC, at the very best pricing structures found anywhere.

Now, tapping the expertise of a variety of financial vendors, NewCloud Networks clients can also enjoy a host of equipment leasing options, custom tailored to their own financing needs.

“Some clients needing to rebuild their networks of phone systems and hardware elect to take the charge as a capital expense, and others opt for classifying it as an operational expense, and we have equipment leasing options to satisfy any need,” said Todd Wilson, Senior Account Executive for NewCloud Networks. “With some of the new tax changes implemented by the Obama Administration, some business are opting for a capital expense to take advantage of tax write-offs or depreciation, while others are looking for operational, month-to-month expensing. Our financing partners are experts at modern accounting practices and can assist any client with the type of program required for their particular situation.”

Wilson explained that state-of-the-art business telephone systems can cost from $400 to over $1,000 per workstation depending upon the hardware selected and the range of features they support. Equipment leasing, he added, is often preferred to outright purchasing in order to manage cash-flow and also to hedge against either hardware technological advances or the changing demands of each unique workplace environment.


About NewCloud Networks:

Newcloud Networks (NCN) is a global cloud computing and communications provider specializing in back up, disaster recovery, and production cloud. NCN delivers real value, maximum performance and solutions that are customized to customers’ needs. NCN’s unified cloud platform is SOC, HIPPA, and PCI compliant and features best of breed solutions that are priced competitively against commodity cloud offerings.  The guiding principle – take care of customers, partners and employees, and everything will take care of itself – has led to a 95% cloud customer retention rate to date. For more information, visit or contact

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