New York City Data Center

Manhattan, New York

NewCloud New York Data Center

Global Wealth Management and Connectivity Rich Hub

Manhattan is home to NASDAQ, Wall Street, and is the epicenter of worldwide wealth management in the second biggest city economy in the world. NewCloud’s data center facility is strategically located in the heart of New York City.

New York City continues to lead the world stage in both business and economy. Much to its credit, the city has invested heavily in the technology division. In 2012, over 100 NYC-based tech firms sold for 8.3 billion. While financial markets are still dominating, tech startups and technology companies are quickly approaching in this high-profile, world-class city.

NewCloud’s NYC cloud hub, operated by Epsilon, is not only positioned to meet the growing need for space, connectivity and power for today’s businesses, but also brings an entirely innovative perspective to the data center and colocation market in New York. NewCloud’s Ultra-Low Latency Network makes connectivity seamless, allowing small, medium or enterprise businesses to receive access to the same connectivity-rich platforms and feature-rich applications no matter where they are located. With superior redundancy and low latency, NewCloud’s network offers a proven resolution for your data center and colocation requirements.

60 Hudson Street

60 Hudson Street is recognized as the most important interconnection and colocation facility in the United States. Providing cloud network solutions, NewCloud assists businesses across the entire United States. 60 Hudson Street is operated by Epsilon and this flagship facility is the heart for international communications. The facility offers the ability to access physical connection points to the worlds telecommunications systems as well as internet backbones. Our site occupies multiple floors with interconnectivity between all points and customers can directly access the vast range of services at this location.



Operated by Epsilon

FlexPod Computing Platform

164,000 Sq Ft Footprint



Flagship Facility for International Communications

Low Latency Connections to D.C., Miami, Dallas

Certifications: PCI-DSS, HIPPA, and SOC 2 Type 1