Vulnerability Protection

NewCloud Vulnerability Protection

Gain full visibility into the cyber exposure of your network.

Public cloud infrastructure is a top challenge for cybersecurity leaders and a major source of Cyber Exposure. Just gaining visibility into cloud assets is hard enough, let alone continuously scanning them for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations as they spin up and down. You need a complete picture of your cyber risk, not siloed visibility caused by using separate tools for different assets. NewCloud Networks offers security solutions for your cloud that provide complete visibility into your network, allowing you to quickly identify vulnerabilities and address them with the right support.

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Vulnerability Solution Benefits

  • Unified visibility into assets, vulnerabilities and exposures
  • Eliminate blind spots with live visibility into network
  • Accelerates security risk assessment to quickly identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Security support for your business from the NewCloud team

Vulnerability Solution Features

  • Integrate security controls into the CI/CD pipeline for fast and efficient remediation
  • Data loss prevention
  • Dynamic asset tracking
  • Passive network monitoring
  • Simplified vulnerability management

Don’t let cybercriminals get the best of you.

Improve network monitoring and protection with NewCloud Networks’ Security Solutions

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