Reliable Cloud Hosted PBX Makes Voice Easier, Scalable & More Cost-Effective

Traditional PBX systems are expensive, bulky and inflexible. The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled a variety of transformative technologies including PBX that uses networks and open SIP technology to free businesses from the hardware shackles of PBX.

Cloud Hosted PBX simplifies voice and delivers advanced calling capabilities and features to companies of all sizes and budgets. Business lines are now mobile across the globe and vendor lock-in is a thing of the past.

The future of telephony is cloud hosted PBX and with NewCloud, getting started has never been easier.


Cloud Hosted PBX: NewCloud Features & Benefits

Benefits of Cloud Hosted PBX

  • Significant Savings Compared to Traditional PBX.
  • Save Time – Easier to Install and Manage
  • Get More Advanced Features for Less Cost
  • Make Business Lines Mobile Across the Globe
  • Remove Vendor Lockin with Open SIP Technology
  • Easily Scale Up or Down as Needed
  • No More On-Site Hardware to Manage
  • Get to Market Faster with New Voice Solutions

Cloud Hosted PBX Features

  • Combined NewCloud Infrastructure & MetaSwitch
  • Huge Selection of Phones/Handsets
  • Redundant Architecture for Maximum Voice Uptime
  • Ultra Low Latency Network for Maximum Performance
  • Managed Backup/Archive for Voicemails
  • Fully Managed Solutions Available
  • Advanced Features Like Hunt Groups, Reporting
  • User-Friendly Online Management Interface/Portal

Cloud Hosted PBX Use Cases

  • Replace Aging PBX System
  • Launch New Phone System for Any Size Business
  • Integrate Phones for New Office Location
  • Scale Phone System with Corporate Growth
  • Add Missing Voice Features/Functionality
  • Create New/Upgrade Call Center
  • Track Marketing Performance to Specific Lines
  • Outsource Voice to Maximize Human Resources

Choose a New PBX Provider. It’s Easy to Get Started.

  1. Contact a NewCloud Representative

  2. Talk Specs with a NewCloud Engineer

  3. Light-Up Resources, Establish Connections