NewCloud’s FortiToken Mobile Set-Up

FortiToken Mobile is an OATH compliant, event-based and time-based one-time password (OTP) generator application for mobile devices. FortiToken Mobile produces its OTP codes in an application that you can download to your Android or iOS mobile device without the need for a physical token. FortiToken Mobile allows you to install Fortinet tokens as well as third-party tokens, including tokens for two-factor authentication used by Dropbox, Google Authenticator, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Snapchat, PayPal, eBay, and LastPass.

Download the FortiToken App

For Android, go to the Google Play store to download the free FortiToken Mobile application.

For iOS, go to the Apple App Store to download the free FortiToken Mobile application.

For additional documentation, please visit:

Token Activation:

After your NewCloud Networks administrator assigns you a token, you will receive a notification via email with an activation code and an activation expiration. If you do not activate your token by the indicated expiration date, you must contact your NewCloud Networks administrator to have your token reassigned for activation.

Activating Your FortiToken Mobile Token

On your device, open the FortiToken App. Depending on your phone’s settings and OS, you may be prompted to create a PIN that will be used to securely access the application.

Note: This can be set up and changed via the settings menu as well.


In the top right corner, tap the add icon. This will open the activation wizard. There will be two options given to add a new token: Scan Barcode and Enter Manually.


Option 1: Scan Barcode

Inside the activation email received, there will be an attachment with a QR Barcode. Open or preview the attachment.

Next, select the Scan Barcode option in the wizard. Hold the camera of the wizard up to the QR Code on your screen until it is filled with the QR Code and the wizard registers your token.


Option 2: Enter Mannually

Inside the email provided, there should be a 16-digit code in quotation marks. Have this ready.

Next, select the enter manually option in the wizard. Then select the Fortinet account option at the top. Fill in the requested fields with the email address the activation code was sent to and the given 16-digit code.

Tap done/add account.

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Using your FortiToken Mobile Token

Open the application and enter your PIN/Scan ID to get to the home screen where your tokens are displayed.

You can copy the OTP to clipboard by pressing and holding the OTP code and selecting Copy. This can be done even if the OTP is blocked from view

If you would like to view the OTP’s digits, select the eye-icon.

Go to where you need to present your token’s OTP, such as the FortiClient VPN client or an online portal page, paste the OTP where required, and log in to pass the two-factor authentication process.

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For more instructions and assistance, please contact NewCloud Networks at 855-855-0911 or reference the Official FortiToken Mobile User Instructions.

To download a PDF version of the instructions, click here.