(DRaaS) Cloud Disaster Recovery – Now You Can Afford to Be Prepared for Anything

The cost of natural disasters has quadrupled in the past decade to an estimated $200 Billion per year according to Weather.com. DR Benchmark estimates that 3 in 4 businesses are failing to properly prepare for disasters or have no recovery plan at all.

The most common reason for the lack of preparedness? Cost. Companies running lean find that cutting funding for non-revenue-generating resources can be a way to do more with a restrictive budget.

Cloud disaster recovery has changed the rules. The cost of creating a backup and recovery environment has gone down dramatically when compared to purchasing traditional infrastructure in separate data centers. And cloud disaster recovery is far more reliable and responsive with the option of zero-down-time recovery (CDP) available for companies who cannot afford a single moment of downtime.


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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Affordable – Save on Hardware, Data Center Costs
  • Recover Full IT Operations in Hours Not Weeks
  • Flexible – Choose What Assets to Protect
  • Improve Compliance Audit Performance
  • Agile DR – Make Changes in Real Time

Top 5 Cloud DR Features

  • Cutting-Edge Technology from Veeam, etc.
  • Choose the NewCloud Recovery Cloud Hub Location
  • Managed Cloud Disaster Recovery Available
  • Block-Level Replication Optimizes Network Performance
  • Secure Management, Data Transfer – SSL Encryption

Top 5 Use Cases

  • Prepare/Test/Execute Corporate DR Plan
  • Recover Entire Data Centers/VMware Environments
  • Satisfy Compliance Regulation for Data Recovery
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Extension of IT Team
  • Budget-Sensitive DR Buyer

Choose a New Cloud Disaster Recovery Provider. It’s Easy to Get Started.

  1. Contact a NewCloud Representative

  2. Talk Specs with a NewCloud Engineer

  3. Light-Up Resources, Establish Connections