Case Studies

Company: Beeline/IQ Navigator

Company:  Gagen MacDonald

In This Case Study:

  • The benefits of Veeam Availability Suite and NewCloud
  • What’s new in version 9.5
  • How businesses can bridge the availability gap with NewCloud and Veeam!

Company: Tinuum Group, LLC

Industry:  Energy

In This Case Study:

  • The challenges Tinuum faced in the aftermath of a divestiture
  • The NewCloud Networks products and solutions that Tinuum invested in.
  • How Tinuum was able to reduce it’s IT spend and increase its IT confidence with NewCloud Networks.

Company: Integral Recoveries

Industry: Collections

In this Case Study read about:

  • The challenges Integral faced with prior cloud companies
  • The type of needs Integral had while customizing a solution with NewCloud
  • How NewCloud solutions solved Integral’s IT needs